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Relocating often comes with making a lot of changes to your daily routines and the foundation of your every-day life. Through this process, don’t forget about what’s most important to you in your home’s location:


Sarasota is home to some of the nation’s elite schools, including Pineview School for the Gifted, IMG Academy, and The Out of Door Academy. Overall, the Sarasota area offers the potential for a diverse education, depending on student goals.


Is it important to you to have sidewalks or beach access? Do you value proximity to grocery stores or other shopping outlets? In what area do you spend the majority of your work and/or social time?


Did you know that Conde Nast Traveler rated Sarasota in the top food cities in the US? From upscale dining in downtown Sarasota, to water-view hot spots along the coast, there is no shortage of dining options for Sarasota dwellers.

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